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Chris Westerberg/ West Coast / Email: westerbergfamily@shaw.ca

Charlotte Konkle / Beamsville, Ontario / E-mail: ckonkle@tenpincanada.com

Nancy Cobb / Kelowna, BC / E-mail:  nando300@shaw.ca

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Charlotte Konkle/ Beamsville, Ontario / E-mail: ckonkle@cogeco.ca

Dannie Ward/ Regina, Saskatchewan / E-mail: danielleward75@hotmail.com

Monique Ley/ Estevan, Saskatchewan / E-mail: mobela85@gmail.com

Elizabeth Wong/ Calgary, AB / E-mail: lizwong1668@gmail.com

Felicia Wong/ Calgary, Alberta / E-mail: fwong@tenpincanada.com

Rod Honke / Lambton County, Ontario / E-mail: honker@sympatico.ca

Cathy Wilbur / Windsor & Area / E-mail: cmwilbur@cogeco.ca

Erin McMaster/ Niagara TPBA / E-mail: emcmaster@ntba.ca

Michelle Konkle/ Courtney, BC / E-mail: michelle@excelcareercollege.com

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Dan Tereck /Winnipeg, Manitoba / E-mail:  dtereck@shaw.ca

Curtis Kruschel /Calgary, Alberta / E-mail: ckruschel@tenpincanada.com