Hazel Mcleary Leadership Award

The CTF will recognize persons who have made significant contributions to the sport of bowling through their dedication and leadership on and off the lanes. This award is aimed at those who overcome obstacles, show community involvement and demonstrate the ideals of sportsmanship and character synonymous with its namesake. 

Eligibility for this award:

  1. must apply, or be nominated by the deadline of September 1st of the presentation year
  2. must be 14 years or older.  Since ‘leaders’ can be any age, this minimum can be waived in the case of exemplary individuals
  3. must bowl in at least 1 CTF sanctioned league

Hazel McLeary Leadership Award Nomination Form:
English (Word Doc)
English (PDF)
French (Word Doc)
French (PDF)

2022 – Mike Ouellette

2021 – William “Pat” Mitchell

2018 – Sherry Hobson

2016 – Cathy Innes

2013 – Dwight Safroniuk

2012 – Hazel Mcleary