Achievement Awards – Youth

Average-Based Awards (Scroll Down to see Extra Awards)


Bowler’s average up to and including: Their first qualifying award will be:
Game Series
30 50 200
50 80 200
70 100 225
90 120 275
100 140 325
115 375
125 160 400
140 180 450
160 200 500
170 200 550
180 220 600
200 240 650
220 260 700
240 280 750

†     Where a single game or series qualifies for more than one average-based award listed above, only the highest eligible achievement will be awarded.  If the individual already has received that award during the season, then the next-highest eligible achievement that the bowler has not already received during the season will be awarded.

Where a choice of awards is available in any category the individual is entitled to a choice of an award for the first score recorded.   Any additional score in the same category that fiscal year will be officially recognized by CTF but will not qualify for an award.

Qualification – Rule 55c:

Average Determination

Rule 55c.  When determining averages for Youth award qualifications, the following shall apply:

League Play

CTF Youth: To determine averages for award qualifications in the league’s current season, use current average.

  1.  If less than three sessions have been bowled, use last season’s final CTF average of three sessions or more, including summer leagues.
  2. For a new bowler who has not bowled three sessions, use the average established after three sessions to determine eligibility for the first three sessions bowled.

Tournament Play

(a)   In handicap or classified tournaments, the average used in the tournament.
(b)   In scratch tournaments, the bowler’s current highest CTF average (minimum of 21 games).
(c)    If no current average of 21 or more games, the highest previous season’s average (minimum of 21 games).
(d)   A bowler who does not have an acceptable CTF average for comparison is not eligible for average-related awards.

Extra Awards (No cost, but must be ordered)

These are special youth achievement awards that must be ordered directly from CTF. They used to be “Purchaseable”, but are now free.  However, they will only be available while supplies last.

To order these awards, use the form that can be found at the League Kit Forms and Info page.