Achievement Awards – Year-End

League Awards Note: For Mixed Adult Leagues, in each of the following categories, there shall be two awards – one for the Men and one for the Women. The awards may or may not be gender-specific.

Most Improved Bowler Award Rule 56.
A CTF Achievement Award is issued annually to each league to provide recognition for the member who shows the greatest improvement in average in the league during its season. Each league has the option of adopting its own rules to decide the award winner. However, in the absence of rules adopted by a league the following rules apply:
(a) To qualify for the award, a member must bowl at least two thirds of the games scheduled during the league’s current season.
(b) A bowler’s increase in average is determined by comparing the bowler’s final average for the current season with that bowler’s final or book average of at least 21 games for the preceding season in the same league.
(c) For a new member with an established average, compare the bowler’s final average for the current season with that bowler’s highest final or book average, based on at least 21 games, for the preceding season.
(d) For a bowler with no average for the preceding season, compare the bowler’s final average for the current season with that bowler’s average for the first 21 games during the current season. In leagues bowling 30 games or less, compare the player’s final average with the average of the first 12 games. When two or more members have the same full pin increase, the winner of the award is decided based on the percentage of a full pin.
EXAMPLE: Starting Ave. Current Season (Use full pins only) # of Games Total Pins Final Ave. Increase JONES 170 90 15,810 175.666 5.666 SMITH 162 105 17,600 167.619 5.619

High Series, High Game, High Average Awards Rule 57.
The high series, high game and high average awards are furnished by CTF to each CTF league to provide recognition for the CTF registered participant who bowls the highest series during the season. The award is to be given to the bowler who is eligible, regardless of how many league awards the bowler is qualified to receive.
In order to qualify for these awards, the following provisions apply, unless otherwise provided by league rule:
(a) The CTF registered participant must have bowled at least two-thirds of the games scheduled during the league’s current season as a CTF registered participant. If a substitute later becomes a regular member of the league, the games bowled by him/her as a substitute shall be included in the required number of games. However, the scores bowled as a substitute shall not qualify for this award.
(b) Actual scores are to count in scratch leagues and for leagues using the team method of handicapping.
(c) Handicap scores are to count in leagues using the individual method of handicapping.
(d) In the event of a tie, extra pins must be carried out to a fraction of a pin to determine the highest average. Each bowler’s total pinfall for the season should be divided by the number of games bowled and should be carried over several decimal places. In the event a tie still exists after carrying the decimal points, the tied bowlers will receive an award.

Order your awards by November 15, 2020