Special Olympics Memberships

September, 2019

Special Olympics – Adult/Youth ‐ Special Olympics membership is available for youth and adults with intellectual disabilities.

Annual registration fees for Special Olympic Athletes are $10.00 per person. No extra fees will be charged for local or provincial fees if the league is a Special Olympic league only.

There are additional Local and Provincial Association fees for those who bowl in other CTF-sanctioned Adult or Youth Leagues, and a Special Olympics bowler who bowls in these leagues must pay the additional fees,
not to exceed an additional $10.00.

A bowler with a Special Olympics Membership may continue to compete in CTF Youth Competitions, based on that athlete’s ability even if he or she no longer meets the age requirement set out in CTF Rule 101b.

For information on how to start a Special Olympic League or Tournament, please contact the CTF membership department.

CTF has an exclusive membership for Special Olympics affiliates and athletes with intellectual disabilities (as defined by Special Olympics Canada). Athletes, partners, and coaches can become CTF Members in
partnership with the governing body of sport.

As part of the Special Olympics memberships, members will receive the following benefits:
 CTF certified average
 CTF participant card available in online bowler portal
 CTF extensive awards Program: Bowler will/can earn CTF youth, adult or senior awards
 Ability to bowl in CTF Certified Tournaments ‐ local and provincial fee applies (max $10)
 Member and average records in CTF
 Access to the CTF Member Rewards Program ie: Benefithub, PetroCan points, etc.

The special Olympics membership is $10 per participant each season. Please send the completed Special Olympics participant application and payment to:

18762 58A Ave, Surrey BC V3S 8G4

For Questions about membership processing contact Cathy at cinnes@tenpincanada.com