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Benefit Hub – More Information
 A platform that provides discounts, in many different categories such as: travel (hotels, flights, rental cars),
electronics, tickets (movies, theme park, concerts), and much more.
 In addition to discounts, you can earn cash back. You would simply find a deal with the cash back sign, redeem
the offer then enjoy the savings plus a Cash Back on the item.
 Opt-In for emails as they always update site with new benefits, and seasonal offers. So that you do not miss any
offers you need to opt-in to receive email updates.
 Can search for offers in your area for local deals.
 There are a few benefits that you can only redeem once or twice but those are identified on the site.
 There is a free mobile app called “BenefitHub” in the App Store or Google Play to access the benefits.
 You can access benefits around the world. When you sign in just click on country flag at top of page and chose the
country you need.
 Provided the link above to Benefit Hub User’s guide and Video for more information.