2020 Bowlers of the Year


Monique Ley

Manitoba Open – 15th
Anderson Memorial 52nd
KFRY Bowling Classic 15th

High Series 735
High Single 300

Francois Lavoie

PBA Major
World Championship 4th
US Open – 10th Place
Players Championship – 7th

PBA National Tour
Cheetah Championship – 6th
PBA League – 2nd
All Star Clash – 5th
PBA Playoffs – 5th

PBA Regional
1 Second Place
1 Third Place
1 Fourth
1 Fifth Place


Deb Lee

Other Sanctioned Tournaments
Oregon State Queens 1st place

Whatcom County USBC Bowler of the Year

Michael Snow

Sanctioned Tournaments
Molson Masters 3rd place
MDUSBC Men’s Cup Series – 1st place

High Single – 300
High Series – 742


Sarah Klassen

Inter-Collegiate Team Tournaments
ISPAB Midwest Classic – 1st Baker Team
McKendre Baker Challenge – 3rd Baker Team
Hoosier Classic – 5th Baker Team

Joshua Bautista

Other Sanctioned Tournaments
Ivan Nelson – 2nd place Senior Boys

Collegiate Singles Tournaments
Penn State Classic – 2nd Place