The Canadian Tenpin Federation is the governing body for tenpin bowling in Canada. The Canadian Tenpin Federation was formed in 1969 to qualify representatives for international competition and  became a full membership organization on August 1, 2004 to deliver membership services to 20,000 plus registered tenpin bowlers in Canada. Programs include:  CTF Awards, CTF Youth, CTF Team Canada, CTF Youth Team Canada, CTF Safe Program, CTF Coaching, CTF National Tournaments, and CTF Playing Rules.

Why Should I Join the Canadian Tenpin Federation?  What’s in it for me?

When  you purchase a membership in the Canadian Tenpin Federation (“CTF”):

  • You will experience fair, competitive play with CTF-standardized rules and regulations.
  • You can compete in sanctioned league bowling  where each bowler has an internationally recognized average.
  • You will be eligible to bowl in Local, Provincial and National CTF Championship Tournaments, as well as other CTF sanctioned events.
  • You can earn individual and league awards based on standardized achievements.
  • CTF’s award programs are for everyone — youth, adults and seniors.
  • Our awards programs feature everything from badges and pins to rings, watches and pendants.
  • You can receive the “CTF Connection” newsletter via email.
  • You can be confident that your league’s prize money is safeguarded under CTF’s bonding coverage.
  • You can access Canadian bowling information on, CTF’s official website.
  • You can enjoy the fun and social opportunities of being part of a sport in which any person of any age or ability may compete.

So, What Else?

Did you know that not all of the participant fees you pay go directly to the Canadian Tenpin Federation?

Only $20 of your participant fees is paid directly to the Canadian Tenpin Federation to support numerous programs and initiatives to ensure tenpin bowling’s growth across Canada.   Some of these programs include:

  • CTF Youth Programs — CTF is dedicated to our youth members, by offering tournaments at all levels, scholarships as well as leadership opportunities.
  • SAFE Program — The “Scholarship Awards for Education” Program is designed to help organizations manage scholarship funds to ensure CTF youth bowlers have scholarship moneys for their continuing education.
  • CTF Tournaments — CTF offers three annual national tournaments for youth and adult members of all skill levels — Canadian Youth Championships; Canadian Mixed Championships; and Canadian Team Trials.
  • CTF Coach Development — CTF provides quality training programs for our bowling community.
  • Equipment Specifications and Certification — Testing and researching that helps enhance all aspects of the game.

The balance of your participant dues stays within your city and province to help your Local and/or Provincial Association to offer more personalized services to you.

Are you interested in helping the sport of tenpin bowling grow in your area and ultimately in Canada?

As a CTF participant, you can be on a league board of directors, to help run your leagues.

You can become part of your local or provincial association board to assist with its  individual local programs.

CTF participants can also attend our Annual Meeting, which is typically held in mid November at different cities across Canada in conjunction with our Canadian Mixed Championships tournament.

The CTF National Board of Directors is made up of volunteers, like you.   You can be nominated for election as a CTF Director and if elected, put your expertise to work at the national level.

If you don’t wish to become a CTF Director, there are several national committees that may be of interest to you.

For more information, please contact your Local Association or the Canadian Tenpin Federation