COVID19 Waivers

COVID19, Sport, and Waivers of Liability

As Provincial and Territorial governments begin to put in place gradual re-opening plans and
sport organizations are preparing to resume activities, the risk of COVID-19 and its transmission
through sporting activity must be kept in mind.

The use of liability waivers to help protect Canadian sports organizations from legal liability for transmission of COVID-19 through sporting activities should be considered.

The waivers are intended for use not only by athletes, but also by other participants such as
directors, officers, members, committee members, volunteers, employees, interns, persons under
contract, and all persons working with athletes, such as coaches, medical and paramedical
personnel, representatives, and other support persons.

Below are links to a “User Guide” for the waivers, as well as sample templates for the actual waivers.

User Guide (English)
User Guide (French)

Return-to-Sport Regulations Across Canada (English)
Return-to-Sport Regulations Across Canada (French)

Participant Attestation (English)
Participant Attestation (French)

Combined Remote Training and Facilities Use (English)
Combined Remote Training and Facilities Use (French)

Event Participation Waiver (English)
Event Participation Waiver (French)

Facility Use Waiver (English)
Facility Use Waiver (French)

Remote Training Waiver (English)
Remote Training Waiver (French)

International Travel Waiver (English)
International Travel Waiver (French)